Stable, inflation-linked returns from a diversified portfolio of care homes which are best-in-class in their local market.

The Company intends to continue to pay progressive, quarterly dividends to shareholders. Expected payment dates are November, February, May and August each financial year. All dividends are paid as interim dividends, which is believed by the Board to be in the best interest of shareholders. Distributions from the Company may comprise Property Income Distribution ("PID"), ordinary cash dividends ("non-PID") or a combination of the two. Past dividend details are available in the Historical Dividend Information tab below:

Year Dividend Type Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Pay Date PID Non-PID
2014First interim dividend07.08.201309.08.201330.08.20130.381.62
2014Second interim dividend23.10.201325.10.201329.11.20130.271.23
2014Third interim dividend23.10.201325.10.201328.02.20140.080.36
2014Fourth interim dividend05.02.201407.02.201428.02.20140.001.06
2014Fifth interim dividend07.05.201409.05.201430.05.20140.001.50
2014Sixth final dividend06.08.201408.08.201429.08.20140.001.50
2015First interim dividend13.11.201414.11.201428.11.20141.150.38
2015Second interim dividend12.02.201513.02.201527.02.20151.150.38
2015Third interim dividend14.05.201515.05.201529.05.20150.610.92
2015Fourth interim dividend13.08.201514.08.201528.08.20150.391.14
2016First interim dividend12.11.201513.11.201527.11.20151.240.31
2016Second interim dividend11.02.201612.02.201626.02.20161.240.31
2016Third interim dividend28.04.201629.04.201627.05.20160.541.00
2016Fourth interim dividend11.08.201612.08.201626.08.20160.151.39
2017First interim dividend03.11.201604.11.201625.11.20161.260.31
2017Second interim dividend02.02.201703.02.201724.02.20171.2560.314
2017Third interim dividend04.05.201705.05.201726.05.20171.0990.471
2017Fourth interim dividend03.08.201704.08.201725.08.20170.7070.864

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