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Our investment objective is to provide shareholders with an attractive level of income together with the potential for capital and income growth, from a portfolio of UK care homes, diversified by tenant, geography, and resident payment profile. We only invest in modern, purpose-built homes.

Our Process:

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Grow portfolio through selective and careful acquisition of high quality homes

We believe specialist investment management is required to make solid investment decisions in the right properties operated by the right people and that allocating investment capital to modern real estate, well-equipped for residents and their care professionals, is the right thing to do.

The Group's Investment Manager has extensive experience investing in care home real estate. It will use its reputation and network to source the best opportunities, before applying a detailed, 'bottom-up' investment appraisal focused on:

  • Comprehensive consideration of the design of the home and its suitability for residents and care providers;
  • Projected financial sustainability of the home based on a complete analysis of the local market; and
  • Selection of a suitable tenant. 
What we do differently

Our tenants

We choose only tenants who can demonstrate prioritisation of high quality care

Grow rental income from a high quality and diversified tenant base

We choose only tenants who can demonstrate prioritisation of high quality care and an ability to deliver it through effective operational capability. An in-depth assessment of potential tenants is an integral part of the investment appraisal, where the Manager assesses the tenant by:

  • Meetings with senior management
  • Home visits (both opportunity home and others in their business)
  • Review of track record - regulatory and commercially; and
  • Promotion of the Group as a long-term collaborative partner. 


Manage assets to maximise total returns to shareholders

The Group is an engaged landlord, actively monitoring and supporting tenants to provide the best care to their residents and to ensure property quality. The Manager's healthcare and portfolio team performs regular visits to:

  • Observe and note care quality;
  • Assess capital expenditure and repair/maintenance requirements;
  • Discuss commercial performance with tenant senior management; and
  • Discuss home performance, including regulatory findings, with local/regional management (as appropriate).

This is complemented by desktop analysis of asset financial performance, inclusive of key metrics such as:

  • Cost base fluctuations;
  • Rent cover;
  • Average weekly fee; and
  • Occupancy trends.

Data is assessed against investment appraisal expectations and current market conditions, using the Manager's specialist sector knowledge, with follow-up action taken where appropriate. This approach is key to maintaining and enhancing the capital value of the properties, ensuring they are aligned with the strategy of holding modern homes which are fit for purpose and future proof. 

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