Our ethos is simple. Invest in higher standards of care to deliver stable returns.

We only invest in modern, purpose-built homes that provide the best environments for residents and their care providers. And we do so, only in areas which can support them. We let them at a sustainable rent. Then we build a collaborative, supportive relationship with each of our tenants. We believe working in this way helps raise standards of care and helps our tenants build sustainable businesses. In turn, that helps us deliver stable returns to our investors. We think it’s a win-win.

We believe life is precious. Getting care right enhances life for our elderly population. That’s why we only invest in modern, best-in-class properties and work with carefully selected tenants to help them build sustainable businesses.

When we’re considering an investment or tenant we don’t just look at bricks and mortar or the business plan. We spend time understanding the local landscape and getting under the skin of our potential tenants. Essentially, we only invest in properties we’re proud of and we only work with tenants who put care at the heart of their approach.

Care homes with excellent standards perform better financially, so our careful approach to investment works in our investors’ interests too. We help create sound and sustainable businesses which deliver sound, sustainable returns.

In other words, we invest in care to deliver returns.

Every decision we make is based around three guiding principles:

  • We act ethically and with integrity
  • We act diligently and understand the detail
  • We love what we do.

A unique approach that pays dividends

Sustainability is an essential part of what we do. For us, investing in care means investing in modern homes in the right locations, setting fair rents and building collaborative partnerships with our tenants, helping them to build a sustainable business. In turn, that helps us deliver sustainable returns to our investors.

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